More Juice, Less Squeeze is something I use a lot. It’s my way of explaining how the rise of collaborative thinking and effective marketing is able to do so much for your business.

What We Do

Ninja Puppy assumes the role of the marketing person or department in your company fully. We do this within the capacity needed or the budget available and act on all accounts as if we were you. All areas of marketing within the capacity created can be taken care of, with priorities dictated t us either by you or by the strategy and planning performed in the initial workshops with you and your team.

Client relationships are either set-up on retainer basis of specific term projects.

We hit the ground running, with our ninjas integrating into your team, understanding your business to better create processes within the position to have the most impact in the shortest amount of time. We set up approval processes and consistency in day to day activities. 

Once we have a seat at the table & a role in the team, things will begin to work like never before. Digital campaigns are performing correctly, structure is in place based on the focus, activities happen like clockwork and the ROI is beginning to show.

Brand & Marketing Management

Brand management and everything that would fall under a marketing manager with 20 years of combined experience.

Partnerships & Sponsorships

The cultivation and maintenance of critical relationships for the brand across all domains.

Digital Marketing

Our specialized digital marketing solutions include social media management, PPC advertising, and conversion rate optimization.


Ai Consulting

Maximise your competitive edge with efficient Ai solutions implemented by our expert team.

About Us

Our origin story begins in 2015 when our founder assembled a team of extraordinary ninjas, each with their own super skills honed from decades of experience. We can serve as your entire marketing department or just provide specialised support to power up your existing team.

We’re a flexible, on-demand marketing resource. Whether you need an interim CMO, specialized project work, or ongoing strategy and execution, we become an extension of your team. Our squad has adapted to changing times, staying ahead of digital and audience requirements. 

Ninja Puppy is a place where skill, experience & passion collide for the benefit of our clients.


For us, the best part of working with you is that you think like an entrepreneur and as if this were your business. If there is a more effective way to do something, you do it – ROI is top of mind’

Magic Mike knows literally everyone – having him involved representing our brand meant a lot and we formed a long-term friendship from it
Working with someone who has a budget of R450k for an event and ends up doing 100% more with our money is simply incredible to watch – as you say, More Juice Less Squeeze right?